10 of the Best Cats Toys for Kids

Is your kid fixated on kitties and everything related to cats? It might be a phase, but in the meantime, you want to see your child happy, so what do you do? That’s right; you find them a cat toy. And we’re here to share with you some of the best cats toys for kids around, so you can make your child smile big.

If you think your kid isn’t ready for a real cat just yet, the next best thing is to get a cat toy for their entertainment and overall cat enjoyment. Real furry babies need a lot of care and attention, and your child could get used to the idea at a slower pace with adorable cats toys for kids. After all, toys can become an essential part of your kid’s development; they become your kid’s ‘best friend’ and go everywhere your child goes.

With all the different cat toys for kids available, it gets a little confusing knowing which one would be best for your child. If you have no idea what type of cats toys for kids to get or what features to look for, do not panic. We’ve come up with some of the best cats toys for kids, so peel your eyes and feel free to pick your favorite.

Cats Toys for Kids FAQ’s

What are cats toys for kids?

Cats’ toys are pretty self-explanatory. However these toys aren’t limited to stuffed kitty cats, it includes realistic, interactive cat toys and even board games with a cats theme.

Reason to invest on cats toys for kids?

Most people choose not to have pets due to their maintenance, plus your kids may not be ready to take on the responsibility. You have to take care of their well-being, feed them in time, maintain their hygiene, and provide a separate space. So, to take out all those hassles, you can opt for cats toys for kids.

What factors are important when buying interactive cats toys for kids?

Interactive features and gestures

These offer a pretty real experience of having a real pet; a robotic cat should come with realistic interactive features and gestures like soft and comfortable fur touch, need to make purr sound and responsive to your sound.

Ease of Use

Although, your kids will learn how to handle these pets while training on this robot cat. So, it should be simple but not complicated to use/operate.

Power Source

The robotic pets come with multiple power options like it has a slot for USB charging and a compartment for lithium-ion batteries.


Most interactive cats toys for kids are designed to use roughly. So, it should be strong enough to withstand a significant amount of wear and tear.

Best Cats Toys for Kids

Kitty Interactive Plush Pet Toy

North the Sabertooth Kitty pet is a cute kitty who needs you to rescue her and make her feel safe and loved. With more than 35 sound-and-motion combinations, this furReal interactive pet toy makes noise and responds to you so adorably.
When you first meet her, she’ll act like she’s been stuck on the ice for centuries! She shivers and chatters those cute little teeth.
Give her love and snuggles while petting her head, and soon she’ll feel the glow of love and happiness. Anytime she gets the chills, pets her head and gives her more loving hugs, and her heart will glow again.

Cats Toys for Kids: Kitty Interactive Plush Pet Toy


  • More than 35 sound-and-motion combinations
  • Interactive
  • Ages 4 and up

Robot Cat Interactive Catty Toy

Amdohai Robot Cat has a lovely appearance, and it is an intelligent robot cat; it comes with a sound response, touch response, and if you blow to the cat, it will dance with friendly music.

This robot cat toy not only can walk and dance freely but also shake the head with a kindly sound and shine the eyes.

Cats Toys for Kids: Robot Cat Interactive Catty Toy


  • Easy charging
  • Made of child-friendly ABS plastic
  • Nontoxic and environmental
  • For kids 3+ years old

FurReal Friends Bootsie

FurReal Friends plush pets are all about rich pet experiences. Their exciting and engaging play helps to create unforgettable memories.

Your kid will have loads of fun with this loveable kitty who’s got a big personality and is wonderfully unpredictable. There’s no telling how she’ll respond next.

Cats Toys for Kids: FurReal Friends Bootsie


  • Responds like a real kitty
  • Wave at her or tap her mouth to discover her moods
  • Give her a treat
  • She purrs when she’s picked up and cuddled
  • Pet her soft fur

Plush Meowing Cat Condo Toy Playset with Sounds

This Kitty Condo Plush Playset is ideal for children to help them learn, play and imagine. This soft plush set includes 4 stuffed mini kitties and a plush Kitty Condo. All the cats fit inside the plush house at bedtime; use the zipper front to close the door.

This playset is also interactive. Give each cat a gentle squeeze to hear them Meow! This tiny stuffed animal set is designed to go on every adventure with your child. Conveniently designed and sized to go to sleepovers at grandma’s house.
This set includes a plush house carrying case with a handle perfect for little hands with room inside for all 4 furry friends to fit snugly inside.

Cats Toys for Kids: Plush Meowing Cat Condo Toy Playset with Sounds


  • Kitty condo carrying case
  • Polyester
  • Interactive

FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin Kitty Plush

Your kid can treat this furry baby like a real kitty; feed the kitty, then take her for a walk. You can also expect your new buddy to make happy kitty sounds.
Includes pet, 2-part detachable leash, 9 treats, cleanup bag, and instructions.

Cats Toys for Kids: FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin Kitty Plush


  • Like a real kitty
  • Kitty sounds
  • Batteries required
  • Ages 4 and up

Orange Tabby Cat – Interactive Companion Pets

This revolutionary vibrapurr technology gives the cat an authentic purr that sounds and feels just like a real purring. A real cat would; our companion pet cat can open and close its eyes, lift its Paw, open its mouth and move its head and body. The companion pet cat also has synthetic, soft, brushable fur inspired by real feline breeds.

Using the built-in sensors, this companion pet cat responds to motion and touch such as Petting and hugging, much like the real Cats you know and love, but doesn’t require any special care or feeding.

Designed to bring comfort, companionship, and fun. The ease of care and convenience paired with our state-of-the-art technology makes for the best possible interactive experience for kids and older adults alike.

Cats Toys for Kids: Orange Tabby Cat - Interactive Companion Pets


  • Cat-like movements & sounds
  • Built in sensors
  • Innovative

FurReal Poopalots Big Wags Interactive Pet Toy

FurReal Poopalots pets feature a connectible system that lets kids walk one pet or their favorite pack!
This poopin’ kitty comes with a detachable leash to walk her across the floor, as well as a connector to add up to two Poopalots Lil’ Wags pets.
Just push her along by her leash, and she’ll move forward. Feed her the included play treats first if you want her to poop.

Cats Toys for Kids: FurReal Poopalots Big Wags Interactive Pet Toy


  • Includes poop scooper that’s also a carrying case for treats
  • Kids age 4 and up

Fuzzikins Cozy Cats Craft Playset

Fuzzikins is a craft and a playset in one. These fuzzy animal characters are white, like blank canvases, so children can use the included washable markers to color and create their very own animal friends.
Then, they can rinse them to remove the marker and redesign them once they’re dry! Each kit is full of creative fun.

Cats Toys for Kids: Fuzzikins Cozy Cats Craft Playset


  • A craft that’s also a toy
  • Design your own Kitty friends
  • For ages 4 and up

Sequence Cats Game

With this cats game, your child will learn interesting facts about cats. Match the cat pictured on your card to one on the game board, then place your chip there, be the first to have 5 chips in a row.

Each card also has a brief description or fact about the cat shown.

Cats Toys for Kids: Sequence Cats Game


  • For ages 7 and up
  • Skill level: All

Interactive Kitten with Lights

The runway is the fashion-forward Meowzy with a fluffy tail for petting! Great for fashion-loving little girls. She enjoys cuddling, playing games, and showing off her glittery tail.

The more you play with Runway, the happier she’ll be! Her interactive games, cute kitten sounds, and secret tricks ensure you never run out of things to do! Spend hours of fun with your personal Meowzy and their interactive games, music, and more.

Cats Toys for Kids: Interactive Kitten with Lights


  • Reference Guide
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Batteries included