Dewormer for Cats Options

As a responsible cat owner, you should know that your feline friend may become infested with worms. And even if you keep an eye on your pet with a prevention routine, you can’t be completely sure. The reason why we’ll be telling you about dewormer for cats options and where to find them.

Parasitic worms can infect all cats, and they can be passed on to other animals or humans. The reason why investing in the right dewormer becomes very important. You’ll be safeguarding not only your cat but other pets you may have at home and yourself.

The tricky part is identifying the type of worm your cat has and with so many options in the market is even harder to pick the right dewormer. But don’t panic, not yet anyway. And check out below some of the best dewormer for cats options available in the market today.

Dewormer for Cats FAQ’s

What is a Dewormer for cats?

Commonly referred to as worms, intestinal parasites are inside your cat, silently causing harm. Here is where a dewormer is needed to get your cat rid of them. Deworming medications kill the parasites your cat already has.

What are the common intestinal parasites found in cats?

These include roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms. Some, like roundworms and hookworms, can also infect humans.

What are some of the symptoms your cat may show in the case of a heavy infection?

  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Pale gums
  • Bloated belly
  • Dark, tarry stools
  • Weight loss
  • Biting/licking the anus

How do Cats Get Warms?

  • They may get them from their own mother in the case kittens nurses from her.
  • Through ingestion of what they eat. If a kitten swallows a flea during grooming and that flea has been feeding on tapeworm eggs, the eggs get transmitted to the kitten. Kittens also get infested if it swallows infected feces and vomit.
  • Through the skin. The hookworm gets entrenched in the skin and enters the lungs of the kitten. From the lungs, it migrates to the intestines.

What are the Benefits of a Dewormer for cats?

In addition to taking care of the existing parasites, these also stop future infections from taking root, so you never have to deal with worms again.

How to Pick the Best Dewormer for Cats?

The best dewormer for your cat depends on the type of intestinal parasite they have, whether it’s roundworms, tapeworms, or hookworms; in other words, this is something that should be determined by a veterinarian.

How Often Should your Cat take a Dewormer?

A monthly intestinal parasite preventive is recommended for all cats.

How Long Does Dewormer Take to be Effective?

It typically takes about 2-3 weeks to really get rid of intestinal parasites in a cat. However, this is just for mild infections. Moderate to severe intestinal parasites may take even longer.

What are the types of dewormers for cats?

Dewormers can be found in both topical and pill presentations. Dewormers are also designed to treat a specific type of worm.

Praziquantel: For Tapeworms

This drug inhibits the tapeworms’ ability to digest nutrients. Besides helping prevent your cat from becoming malnourished, this starves the tapeworms to kill them.

Pyrantel Pamoate: For Roundworms and Hookworms

This chemical main function is to paralyze worms. Since roundworms and hookworms grip onto the intestinal wall to survive, this paralysis is a death sentence. Pyrantel pamoate is safe for cats and seldom causes side effects.

Piperazine: For Roundworms

Like pyrantel pamoate, piperazine paralyzes roundworms but isn’t effective against hookworms. It’s important to ensure your cat receives the correct dose of this medication. Too little won’t kill roundworms, and too much may result in nausea, vomiting, and muscle tremors.

Broad Spectrum Dewormers

Because it can be difficult to identify what type of worm is afflicting your cat, a broad-spectrum dewormer may be the best option. Broad-spectrum dewormers are made with a blend of both praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate, which helps kill the most common intestinal parasites.

Dewormer for Cats Options

Revolution Topical Solution for Cats

Revolution is a medication applied directly to your furry friend’s skin to protect them from biting critters. When applied every 30 days, Revolution protects against heartworms and fleas. It may also be effective in preventing and treating ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms.

Revolution kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching for one month. It is also indicated to prevent and control flea infestations, prevent heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis, and treat and control ear mite infestations.

Revolution is also indicated for treating and controlling roundworm and intestinal hookworm infections in cats.

Dewormer for Cats: Revolution Topical Solution for Cats


  • Format: Topical
  • Active Ingredient: Selamectin
  • Parasites Targeted: Fleas, Heartworm, Hookworms, Roundworms, Ear Mites

Pro-Sense Dewormer Solutions For Cats, Liquid Roundworm Treatment

Pro-Sense Dewormer Solutions for cats treats and controls large roundworms in cats and kittens 6 weeks and older.

Roundworm infestations can cause abdominal swelling, diarrhea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal problems. T

This liquid formula can be given directly to your cat shortly after eating or added to your cat’s food. Dose ¼ teaspoon per 2.5 pounds of body weight, then treat again 14 days later.

Dewormer for Cats: Pro-Sense Dewormer Solutions For Cats, Liquid Roundworm Treatment


  • Liquid formula for treatment and control of intestinal roundworms in cats
  • Easy to administer
  • For treating cats and kittens 6 weeks and older.

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

Bayer’s Tapeworm Dewormer for cats is an easy and effective way to remove your cat’s tapeworms.
It’s convenient and easy to give. You don’t need a prescription, and tapeworms are treated in a single dose.

Crumble the tablets and mix them with food or treats to help make it a smooth experience for both you and your cat.

Dewormer for Cats: Bayer Tapeworm dewormer


  • No Fabric
  • 3-count bottle of tapeworm dewormer for cats
  • Easy effective way to remove common tapeworms in cats
  • For cats and kitten 6 weeks of age and older

HomeoPet Worm Clear

HomeoPet WRM Clear does not kill the worms; it gently creates an environment in the body that the worms can no longer live in, thereby flushing them harmlessly from the body.

It takes 2 weeks for the product to reach its maximum potential in the body. During this time, you may see live worms in the stool. Seeing live worms is a good indication that the product is working.

Dewormer for Cats: Homeopet Wormcleaner


  • Formulated for removal of Hook round and tapeworms
  • For Prevention by reducing susceptibility to infestations
  • 100% natural
  • Fast acting liquid
  • No known side effects

Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer

If you aren’t sure of the type of worm infesting your cats, or if they suspect multiple types of infestations, then this broad-spectrum dewormer is a great alternative.

Drontal tablets will remove tapeworms and large roundworms in cats and kittens. Drontal broad-spectrum dewormer tablets for cats and kittens are scored for easy breakage. Each tablet contains 18.2 mg praziquantel and 72.6 mg pyrantel base as pyrantel pamoate.

Dewormer for Cats: Drontal Broad Spectrum dewormer


  • Broad spectrum dewormer
  • For cats and kittens over 1 month of age and 1.5 pounds
  • Give one tablet per 4-8 lbs. body weight

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